Tax Compliance

Did you know that German tax legislation is among the most voluminous in the world? – We help you to find your way in this labyrinth of paragraphs.

We provide comprehensive consulting services with regard to all tax issues and develop strategic tax concepts customized to your individual needs. Despite the complex and dynamic character of the German tax legislation, we can draw up individual and manageable tax optimization models for you and your company.

We are convinced of the power of the German “Mittelstand”, and we are able to assume your perspective when looking at tax requirements. We possess a deep understanding of your company, your problems and your questions.
When tackling these issues, tax and legal aspects often mix with business factors. We live up to the challenge with our interdisciplinary teams of experienced tax, legal and auditing experts who are constantly continuing their education to provide you with up-to-date consulting services. We are only satisfied when we have identified the economically most meaningful solution for our clients.

This also holds for our clients’ international operations and our consulting services with regard to international tax law.

Our areas of focus are:

  • Tax declaration consulting und creation of tax returns
  • Continuous tax consulting
  • Strategic consulting
  • Tax audit support
  • Communication with fiscal authorities
  • Transfer Pricing

Tax declaration consulting and creation of tax returns

With the provision of tax declaration consulting services, we ensure that all declaration, documentation and archiving requirements under tax and business law are met. At the same time, we take into account specific requirements for individual industries and legal forms.

We support our clients in the preparation of payroll and financial accounts, annual accounts and tax returns.

In particular, tax legislation is subject to constant changes. In addition to changes in legal regulation, current court rulings, new formal requirements and reporting obligations as well as stricter liability and fee regulations must also be taken into consideration.
We monitor ongoing changes and verify their importance for our clients’ individual situation. That way, we help our clients to avoid mistakes and to benefit from advantageous regulations.

We verify the contents of all documentation and ensure that all relevant deadlines are met. Our tax calculation models allow us to provide you with projections on the tax burden to be expected. We check and verify tax assessments and advice our clients with regard to open questions.

Continuous tax consulting

Years of experience have taught us: Our clients’ specific questions demand specific answers. That is why we do not follow any fixed patterns.
We assume your perspective, define clear targets and identify any relevant regulations.

Our tax consultants answer your questions and develop individual solutions that are both effective and efficient and can also be adapted to future new challenges.

Strategic tax consulting

Are you planning the optimization of your group or company structure?

Decisions of such scope and importance require expert advice. Tax burdens allow for active planning and design. In this context, we develop individual solutions and consulting approaches mostly in specialized teams who form the basis of our customized offering of tax concepts.

Strategic tax consulting is our additional service for tax situations of exceptional scope. We offer you to seek our objective advice before making fundamental business or private decisions.

We provide you with an objective overview of the situation and accompany you from the definition of your goals to the implementation of your strategic concept.

Tax audit support

German tax legislation incorporates audits as a routine component. German fiscal authorities distrust their citizens, and in particular German companies. Germany’s highly complicated tax legislation also contributes to tax collectors’ preference for audits as a very effective tool.
As a consequence, entrepreneurs depend on competent help during tax audits, from preventive measures in the documentation of transfer pricing up to a fundamental knowledge of tax regulations, which is all too often needed to fend off erratic audit findings sometimes resulting from faulty directions issued by fiscal authorities.

And finally, the findings of a tax audit also depend on a reasonable interaction with the auditors. Calm and factual yet determined reasoning in an adequate tone are more promising than aggressive discussions.

We possess extensive experience in the area of tax audit support for companies of all scales, and we are committed to provide you with the best possible tax results.

Interaction with financial and social security authorities

Your business already demands enough of your energy and attention.

We offer to reduce the administrative workload within your company by handling all communications with finance and social security authorities. This ensures that all relevant correspondence is mailed directly to us without delay, while you receive a copy – already including our response.

That way, you are free to concentrate on your business.

Transfer Pricing

In a globalized economy, companies produce goods or have services performed where they find the most attractive conditions. Wherever group internal deliveries or services are billed in cross-border transactions, financial authorities conduct regular audits in order to verify whether the applied transfer prices equal the prices that would have been billed to third parties (arm’s length principle).

Failure to comply with the arm’s length principle may result in severe sanctions or corrections in the determination of taxable income. Compliance with the arm’s length principle must usually be verified in a standardized written transfer price document. At the beginning of a tax audit, group companies are regularly asked to present such documentation.

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