Financial Bookkeeping

Financial accounting is an important component of cost accounting. It provides information for different business segments and constitutes the basis for all entrepreneurial decisions. The ongoing adaptation of local accounting standards (HGB) to international standards (IAS/IFRS) and the increasingly international character of corporate groups are a constant source of change and increase the complexity of this business segment. We keep track of all developments for you! Our financial accounting services include:
  • Execution of the financial bookkeeping and account assignment
  • Digital input
  • Monthly or annual reconciliation of real accounts;
  • Reconciliation of receivables and liabilities (affiliated companies);
  • Creation of monthly and annual reports, e.g.
    • sum and balance lists,
    • management analysis,
    • listing of outstanding debtor and creditor items,
    • sales tax advance reporting and reconciliation protocols,
    • reporting to parent companies
  • Storage of your electronic data in a high-security data centre in Germany
  • Preparation of turnover tax advance returns and Intrastat declarations
  • Handling the correspondence with tax authorities, health insurance funds and other public institutions
  • Preparation of monthly or quarterly reports for group companies
  • Preparation of annual financial statements and publication in the electronic Federal Gazette (elektronischer Bundesanzeiger)
  • Assistance and advice for all questions arising from the finance and accounting area