Consulting / Services

In day-to-day business, a wide variety of economic and legal issues often arise, for which the specialists in our international interdisciplinary teams will be happy to provide you with advice and assistance.

The main objectives consider advising on economic and legal matters.

Corporate Finance / Consulting

In a globalized world, economic processes constantly gain in complexity. Companies must find and follow new paths in order to remain competitive. Acquisitions and sales of companies and company assets, different forms of management involvement (MBO, MBI), restructurings, capital raising and capital structuring are central tools in achieving a company’s goals.

Those very complex measures, which often change a company down to its roots, require careful preparation, attendance and follow-up work. Such processes are extremely demanding for a company and its employees. Our interdisciplinary team of auditors, tax consultants and legal counsels offers qualified consulting and support services with regard to all central issues before, during and after transactions.

Due Diligence Audits

Due diligence audits form an essential component of company acquisitions.
They aim at analyzing the strengths and weaknesses as well as specific risks of the company to be acquired. One important aspect of this procedure is the analysis of risks not included or not necessarily included in the balance sheet, but also the analysis of future opportunities that can not be assessed solely by the performance of a company to date.

Due diligence procedures are not only of crucial importance for the acquirer of a company, but also for the vendor. With our vendor due diligence services, we support vendors by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of their company, providing them with an argumentative basis in the upcoming negotiations and enabling them to react adequately to arguments presented by the other party. In addition, we can assist you in the selection of documents required for the creation of a data room.

Our experience from numerous projects has shown that successful transactions require a seamless cooperation across individual disciplines. Our experienced teams of qualified tax consultants, auditors and legal counsels provide an adequate basis for a successful project implementation.

We specialize in financial due diligence and tax due diligence. In larger transactions, we cooperate with renowned international law firms. Also, we can assist you in coordinating different due diligence procedures. Only an adequate coordination ensures that the results of tax, legal, financial and technical due diligence are joined into a complete picture, thus avoiding suboptimal and isolated partial solutions.

Legal advice

The merging of markets, the opening of national borders and the development of new fields of activity result in a constant flow of new challenges for companies. In a global competition, opportunities must be seized in time while risks must be identified and avoided. Every decision a company takes must be based on a legal basis taking into account national and international regulations in their respective current form. This complex network of legal aspects underlines the importance of a competent partner with international experience.

Constantin combines legal, economic and entrepreneurial know-how across national borders. We have acquired extensive experience from working with international clients and their specific problems. In addition, we possess the industry knowledge required to develop individual solutions.

Appeal proceedings / Financial court proceedings

Where possible, we aim at resolving all tax issues in good understanding with financial authorities. However, in some cases our clients’ interests must be defended in court.

If financial authorities reject our objections, we assess the chances of success of possible financial court proceedings. We carefully weigh the chances of success of a possible court action based on relevant jurisdiction and specialist literature. Naturally, if we see no realistic chance of success, we will advise you against proceedings. However, if we see a good chance of success for court proceedings, we will timely file and substantiate lawsuit at the responsible financial court. If such proceedings lead to a hearing, we will also represent you in court.

Tax law / Fiscal offenses law

The combination of tax law and fiscal offenses law requires specific knowledge and experience in order to provide an effective defense. A specialized defense attorney is normally not familiar with complex tax law issues, while tax consultants often lack sufficient experience and knowledge with regard to fiscal offenses law.

In fiscal offenses proceedings, we provide combined expertise and experience both in criminal and tax law. You benefit from the close cooperation of our legal counsels and tax consultants, enabling you to stand your ground against tax investigators, fine office, prosecutors and in court.

Corporate law

Whether you are a partner, director, executive, entrepreneur or member of a supervisory or advisor board: We consult owner-managed and group companies with regard to all company law related issues. At the same time, we are experts in the fields of partnership and corporate law. Our success in the past demonstrates that national and international groups value our opinion.

We possess many years of experience in company and group restructurings. Furthermore, we prepare expert opinions covering special topics under corporate and group law.

Employment law

Employment law issues are a regular challenge for all companies. In addition, they are subject to frequent changes in legislation and interpretation by courts. Without prior legal advice, employment law is often limited to negotiating a severance payment. In many cases, expensive court proceedings can be avoided by the careful preparation of dismissals or transfers of operations as well as by incorporating the right provisions into employment contracts or clarifying the rights of work councils and acquainting oneself with the relevant collective wage agreements.

Therefore, our offerings incorporate extensive consulting as well as court representation in individual and collective employment law proceedings. We possess extensive experience in implementing operational changes up to business closures. Our specialists answer all questions regarding employment law and the related field of social security law.

Formation consulting for foreign companies and investors

You plan to establish a presence in the German market and are looking for a partner to support you in the formation of a new company?

We offer extensive formation consulting services that go far beyond the “mere” set-up of your German company. Our internal specialists enable us to provide services of a far more comprehensive character. Our tax team arranges the registration with fiscal authorities, while our HR specialists ensure the registration of your company with social security authorities and provide a contact for your employees with regard to payroll accounting issues.

For over ten years, we have been consulting foreign companies trying to gain access to the German market.

Ask for our “Full Service” brochure.

Restructuring / Insolvency / Liquidation

Crises and insolvency are a threat to a company’s very existence. If implemented timely, restructuring measures can be effective instruments to correct or even avoid a crisis. However, any restructuring represents a serious challenge and requires an interdisciplinary and competent team of consultants.

We provide comprehensive consulting services regarding all questions surrounding crises and insolvency. We possess extensive experience with regard to the implementation of adequate restructuring instruments, from the re-qualification of external liabilities into equity to the sale or closure of companies or company segments.

In this context, we focus on the avoidance of liability claims and criminal liability risks for management personnel. If insolvency proceedings can not be avoided, we offer preparatory and acute help and advice for all organs involved.