Our auditors offer extensive consulting and auditing services to our clients. High service and quality standards and consistent services resulting from partners and employees attending specific mandates form the foundation of our service offering.
  • Execution of statutory and voluntary audits in accordance with the German Commercial Code (HGB)
  • Audits in accordance with international regulations (IFRS/US GAAP)
  • Special audits for parent companies with regard to particular issues
  • Special audits and acquisition audits for shareholders and investors (due diligence)
  • Execution of other audits e.g. dual system, Renewable Energy Law and application for electricity price compensation, etc.
  • Execution and monitoring of consolidation tasks for subsidiaries of national and international parent companies
  • Company valuations
  • Strategy and restructuring advice
  • Assistance with the foundation, start-up and contract consultation (statutes, articles of association, trade and business registration, contract of employment, etc.)

Statutory audits

The growing complexity of markets and the resulting intricacy of corporate structures require that auditors possess a high level of expertise and an independent power of judgment. In order to optimize the audit process, we create individual teams for each audit, thus leveraging our diverse industry knowledge and experience in the best possible way.

Therefore, auditing also includes providing advice on the improvement of accounting procedures as well as on strategic tax and corporate issues or business needs identified during our work.

We sustain a continuous conversation with you, even beyond the actual timeframe of the audit. That way, we ensure that pending accounting and tax issues are identified and tackled in time. For that reason, our audit teams are always supported by our tax advisors and legal counsels.

IFRS audits

International accounting standards like the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are gaining more and more importance. As of 2005, capital market oriented companies domiciled within the EU are obliged to prepare their consolidated accounts under IFRS. However given ever-increasing globalization trends and the corresponding access to alternative capital sources, more and more small and medium-sized companies will also have to familiarize themselves with IFRS.

The auditing of annual and consolidated accounts under IFRS as well as group reporting under IFRS to national and international parent companies is one of our specialties.

Special audits

Our diversified client base confronts us with specific requirements, which we meet by conducting mandatory and voluntary special audits:
  • Due Diligence
  • Quality control audits under § 57a WPO (the German Accountants’ and Auditors’ Professional Code)
  • Audits under VerpackV (the German Packaging Ordinance)
  • Certificates of value
  • Audits of contributions in kind
  • Legal reorganization and business formation audits
  • Special audits under stock corporation law
  • Audits under § 16 MaBV (the German Real Estate Brokers and Property Developers Act)
  • Credit audits

Internal audits

The market-related rise in company and liability risks as well as continuous revisions and amendments of existing regulations results in ever-increasing due diligence requirements for executives, directors and supervisory boards.

We verify the alignment of your operational procedures with the realization of your business objectives to ensure that they not only comply with existing regulations but are fully optimized and efficient. We identify and prepare possible improvements, which we can then implement together. We see internal audits as a way to create maximum transparency in operational procedures with regard to the interests of shareholders and supervisory organs. Furthermore, they provide the opportunity to identify any existing strategic options.

Audits under VerpackV

Companies putting sales packaging into circulation are obliged to dispose of their packaging under the German Packaging Ordinance (VerpackV). In order to meet their obligations, the respective companies contract proper disposal services with utility companies (Duales System Deutschland (DSD) or industry-specific solutions).

Disposal contracts under private law generally require the auditing and certification of registered packaging volumes.
In addition, the fifth revision of VerpackV introduced compulsory audits under public law via compulsory declarations of compliance in 2008.

Constantin has been conducting audits of disposal fees throughout Germany for many years. Our experience provides us with the expertise necessary to conduct efficient audits.